Edgeley Community Church is proud to offer a range of different worships available in the evening happening at both this church and around the circuit.

You would be more than welcome at any of the services below.

1st Sunday

On the first Sunday in each month we meet at 6.15pm for a Praise Service.  If you are looking for a contemporary style to worship, with praise songs, relevant preaching from God's Word and interative style of prayer, this is a service for you! Currently we are looking at Paul's letters, services are led by Dan Morrell, usually with a visiting preacher.

2nd Sunday

On the second Sunday in each month, we join our friends at the Salvation Army on Stockport Road, Cheadle Heath. This service is their Praise Service, beginning at 5.00pm. If you’re a fan of worship led by a brass band and a choir with relevant preaching from God’s Word, you would be most welcome .

3rd Sunday

On the third Sunday in each month we meet for Bridge.

4th Sunday

On the fourth Sunday in each month, we join our friends at St. John’s Methodist Church on Stockport Road, Cheadle Heath at 6.15pm for a traditional communion service. If you’re into front led worship with liturgy, relevant preaching from God’s Word and prayer, you would be most welcome! 

5th Sunday

On the fifth Sunday in each month the entire Stockport Methodist Circuit joins together for a Circuit Service. The venue changes each time, as does the format and time. Keep looking on the news sheet or the circuit plan for more information.