Our main act of worship is held at the church on Sunday morning at 10.45 am.  It's a time for all the family - young, old and everyone in between. A typical service consists of some hymns and songs, prayers, Bible readings and a talk. 
Whether you have been to our church before, a different church before, or have never been to a church before, you are more than welcome to join us.

If you have never been to our church before you might like to know the following before you come:

  • Everyone who works with the children and under-18 year-olds are trained and fully CRB cleared for their work.
  • When you arrive, there will be people to meet you- ask them anything you like!
  • There are parts of the service, like the singing of hymns that everyone joins in - don't feel as if you have to join in anything you don't wish to!
  • There will be an offertory during the service which is the time when members of the church give money to help the work of the church - if you are visiting there is no need to give anything, it's for those who have made a commitment to the church. If you are able, we stand when the offertory is brought forward.
  • You will be handed a hymn book/sheet as you enter the church, Bibles are located around the church in seat back pockets. You will also be given a notice sheet
  • In readings during the service, we follow the New Revised Standard Version bible.
  • When singing, we either sing from Hymns and Psalms or Rejoice and Sing. Occasionally from hymns in neither book, in which case the words may be on available on a sheet or on the big projector screen. If you are able, we stand to sing hymns.
  • Sometimes, the service will be available to look at on a big projector screen at the front of church.
  • Our church is fitted with a loop system, please adjust your hearing aid accordingly.
  • The notice-sheet that you'll be given as you come into church will tell you all the things that are happening in the forthcoming week - it's worth a good read! Contact Dan here for more information.
  • Above all feel comfortable and relaxed - do what you like - coming to worship is about you being you, and letting God be God!

Click here to download our worship card, containing the key information above all in a nutshell. These cards are also available to collect as a hard copy at the entrance to church.